Wojna wybucha w Izraelu - Najnowsze wiadomości od naszych Olim i przyjaciół!
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Latest news from our Olim and Friends in Israel - War breaks out in Israel


As we, representatives of our Foundation, went for the Feast of Sukkot to Israel (Torah commanded holiday celebrated for seven days by all Israelis with so much joy and gatherings), to meet with some of our friends there and Olim who just immigrated there, the news of war came while we were celebrating together the last day, called Simkha-Torah (characterized by reading Tanah given to God’s nation through night and day). We were blessed having young people with us who sang Polish and Hebrew songs with guitars during the evening. It was a time of joy and celebration.

The next morning, around 6.30am, we heard strange sounds. We did not know what it was, but it sounded like bombing and sirens. We could not believe that something really BAD was happening. Calls from our Jewish friends and Olim alerted us to what you saw on TV news and confirmed what we were hearing. We were touched by their hearts which, in terror, offered us safer places to come and join them. They worried for us and not for themselves. They wanted to come and pick us up to be together. They shared love and compassion. Amazing!!!! Many have children in the army who were immediately sent away to the Gaza area. Some till now do not know what happen to them.

We were advised to stay and not to travel, and we did not want to put our friends in danger. Every day 10 of us praised the God of Israel and asked Him to send His armies as He did in the past. We sang, prayed, and encouraged others and looked at how we could help practically (e.g., food and shelter) especially those who are new in Israel because they have made Aliyah (emigrated to Israel) from the war in Ukraine.

Those families are still traumatized by the last war. They came to their NEW HOME – ISRAEL and here they have experienced even more terror!

We personally do not know how it is possible to have shalom – peace, and act and live ‘normally’ without the reassurance of the Psalms and the stories of Jewish history written in Tanah that are our base and TRUTH. So apart from practical help which we manage to send via our friends, we send those passages from Tanah to OLIM. Only ALMIGHTY GOD OF ISRAEL CAN STRNEGTHEN THEM, too.

The Polish government has started to send special army airplanes for their citizens. Some of our friends went first, because of disabilities or having children. One more family with a 9-month-old baby is waiting with us, hoping to get a space on a flight.

For us, being here, completely unexpectedly, standing with Israel again is a treasure. There are no words… We want to continue in helping, encouraging, and supporting any way we can.

Our aim is also to ask our friends all over the world as well as our Polish government for aid. Mothers and children are in trauma here and plead for us to take them to safe places. This is one of many urgent needs. The women waiting for their husbands and children (young men and women) use their hands to make food for soldiers and the needy, write cards, organize medical help etc. What they share with us is that apart from practical help HOPE - HATIKVA in Hebrew is necessary to be able to face the terror and go on to bring PEACE in ISREAL. May the Israeli nation know practically that they are not alone, and that help will be given in every area! Be in touch with us, please.

Pray for them and us, that we have wisdom in providing aid. Toda, Thank you.